Zero Waste Eating

The earth has taken on a lot. It is resilient, yet, we need to do our part to help our planet get caught up. Let’s talk about the ways that we encounter single use plastics daily. One of the most frequent times I see plastic is when it comes to food. At the grocery, at restaurants and eating on the go. We know that recycling is important but we can’t guarantee where these items actually even end up and wishcycling. The solution is, eliminating single use plastic products period.

Grocery Shopping: Whether you shop at a grocery store or have items delivered, you run into single use plastics. To minimize and eliminate this experience switch to bulk buying. Bulk shopping is not about buying massive quantities of items. It is about eliminating the packaging. There is a well compiled list of bulk items near you here. The options are limitless, you can buy pasta, beans, rice, cookies, body products and so much more. Also, shop with companies that close the loop on product packaging (read what we are doing at MSL here). The solution is using glass and bags to fill up. You write your tare weight (the vessel empty) and the item # and you are charged for the product you purchase. It creates less waste, lowers chemicals leaching from plastics into your food and saves you money shopping this way.

Eating On The Go: This tends to be a massive bullseye for single use plastic too. Packing snacks and meals is always best to prevent hangry stops. Eating at a restaurant? Bring your own takeout container, and viola single use waste averted. MSL is launching a beautiful line of zero waste products on Earth Day that will be available for purchase on the shop and at our pop up events. Check out where we will be next to save on shipping here.

Advocate For Change: Have a favorite product or eatery that only uses single use plastics to store their food? Reach out to the company directly and share your love for the product but how you are not in support of buying it if packaging is not converted to 100% compostable. These emails make a huge difference. The company wants to hear from you and improve, do your part by communicating to them so they can pivot.

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