Spring Gift Bundles

Spring is filled with many opportunities to shop consciously. Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries the list goes on. At MSL we have compiled a list of three gift bundles that are available for preorder only and will not be posted in the shop. They can be picked up at any of our pop up events or shipped (while supplies last).

Saint of Sacred Space: Variety pack of of 50 incense, concrete incense holder, mugwort energy cleansing bundle, organic cotton bag, and meditation stone. Learn all the details here.

Saint of Self Care: Bath salt, healing beeswax salve, silk headband, votive, hot/cold neck wrap, organic cotton bag & Honey Mama truffle bar. Learn all the details here.

Saint of Sustainable Style: Organic silk skinny scrunchie, Textile Tonic, True Expression energy cleansing wand, organic cotton bag, Seasonal Style Audit. Learn all the details here.

Reach out here to preorder and schedule your pickup or shipment.

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