A wardrobe for your unique shape, ethics and lifestyle.

Nichole Bainer will help you navigate the noisy world of fast fashion and find your true expression. A wardrobe curated for you, makes a huge impact on your day-to-day life. 

STYLE services

a personalized experience

We will work together to find the ideal wardrobe within your budget. Whether you are in need of new shoes, the perfect look for a wedding, or just want better pieces at your fingertips - We've got you covered!

seasonal virtual wardrobe audit

special occasion styling

shape shifter

Seasonal lifestyle calculator

Lifestyle Calculator, Shape Shifter,  Seasonal Sort and fill with Sustainable Shopping recommendations.

Starting at $208

Wedding, gala, speech? There is so much to celebrate. Let me guide you through curating an outfit that speaks your language before you even walk into the room. 
Starting at $148

We assess your lifestyle during this season and how to curate a wardrobe to support it to the fullest.


Discover your unique shape and how to dress it like a pro, pinterest board included.