Laundry for Longevity

Doing the laundry was something many of our elders didn’t take lightly. There were lots of rules compared to today. This is because natural fiber clothing was more prevalent. Since then, synthetics took over the apparel industry. Natural fibers require presence, education and patience to care for each garment.

The act of doing laundry infused with these ethos gives life force to the fibers, makers and farms in which they originate from.With these tips you can infuse longevity into your favorite threads

Wool- is a self cleaning fabric, so it doesn’t need to be laundered often. To remove stains, spot treat with a stain stick bar.  Wash with cold water on a hand wash setting or hand wash all together. To freshen the garment it can be laid on a drying rack outdoors in the sun. 

Silk-is hand wash only. Fill a basin with cool water and gentle natural detergent. Soak the garment and then use slight agitation. Gently squeeze to release excess water and try flat on a clean towel. 

Cotton- lasts longer washed on cold and on a gentle wash cycle. Air dry as much as possible to add longevity to the garment. 

Linen- does not have a lot of give, so minimum agitation is best. Gentle setting on washer or hand wash in a gentle detergent, air dry only. 

Washing less means garments last longer. To extend wears between washes  Textile Tonic is highly recommended, simply spray onto the garment (especially in the underarm area and neckline) and air dry completely before wearing.

All fibers are best washed with like fabric and colors only. Do not mix with anything that has hardware that can snag garments. Natural fibers are an investment in our wardrobe, health and environment. With extra TLC these garments will be able to be passed down for generations to come. 

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