Pisces Season Endings

Pisces is that last sign in the Astrological cycle. Piscians are known for their dreamy, emotional and afterlife awareness. Today let’s chat about how we close out this chapter personally, collectively and ever after.

You can see things coming to a natural end all around you. It can be as simple as paying off a bill, leaving a job, or releasing a toxic habit. There is magic in endings and perspective in looking from a macro level. Let’s be real for a moment, nobody is getting out of here alive. Some may say that is morbid others may be jolted in to the perspective of what really matters from that lens.

With the New Moon just yesterday, let’s take an opportunity to honor the end of the cycle and what that means. You can process this by sharing with a friend writing in a journal or recording a voice memo.

  1. What has naturally fallen away?
  2. Which feeling arise in recognizing this?
  3. What does this release make more time, energy or space for?

Please feel free to share in the comments if you are called. Happy Pisces season!

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