On This Harvest Moon

Every time I think of the Harvest Moon I hear Neil Diamond singing. The Harvest or Corn Moon always falls closest to the Autumn Equinox (September 22). The moon is bright and originally got its name from having a few bright moonlit evenings before we entered the new season.

This year the full Harvest Moon is in Pisces. If you were born under a Pisces moon you will feel this moon even more. Pisces is reminding us to rebalance our responsibilities and our dreams (we need both to truly water our passions). Tonight I invite you to reflect on these aspects of your reality and go in. Here are three ways you can harness the energies of the Harvest Moon.

  1. Journal: You can freehand what comes to mind or you can answer some prompts. What is something you are not fully trusting you intuition on? What emotions are you avoiding and how can you befriend them to receive a message?
  2. Dance: Of course Harvest Moon would be a great song to move to this evening. Light candles and freely move about the space allowing thoughts and feelings to bubble in and out of your consciousness.
  3. Take a bath: Pisces loves the water, soak in the bath and put your phone on airplane mode for the evening. After your bath head to bed early. A deep night sleep will help to recharge and flow vivid dreams into your subconcous.

Remember you can do any of these rituals for the next 48 hours and still have the Harvest Moon energy supporting you.

In the comments below please share your favorite Harvest moon rituals. Photo by Fabien.

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