Sustainably Styled Engagement Shoot

Taking these photos with my fiancé will be a day ​I always treasure. Having professional photos of our love and little family is so special. Our photographer did a great job of emulating just that.

Looking at this photo, it doesn’t scream sustainable fashion. ​It’s a reminder that ​sustainability doesn’t have to be restrictive. You can let your individuality shine through and also dress in a conscious way

​With that, ​Adam and I decided to do a more formal styled engagement shoot. I started browsing for rental dresses and landed on The Wandering Dress I absolutely fell in love with these gowns! I decided on this one because of the color and fit. I really enjoyed working with Rebecca and felt confident in renting knowing the sizes were fluid ranging from S-XL. 

Renting is great because it requires no storage, you can try a new style​, and it​’s cost effective. To accessorize this dress I wore nude block heels and my Nonna’s garnet and yellow gold earrings (both items I’ve had in my closet for years).  I had my makeup done by green beauty ​artist Lorna Pulver of Lorna Made Me Blush and kept my hair natural. 

Adam wore a timeless navAdam wore a timeless navy suit which goes great with his complexion and baby blues. He had this suit from being a groomsman ​a couple years ago, so it was tailored to him already. He traded a tie for a red, violet and navy paisley pocket square which pulled our outfits together. 

Instead of changing into multiple outfits ​(​to keep the photos interesting​)​ we chose a diverse location.  At Chaffinch Island Park in Guilford. CT there is greenery,  beach, tall ​​grass and rocks. Nick Rezendes (our photographer) did an amazing job of letting nature do the talking. 

Last but not least, Charley girl ​accessorized with​ ​her​ red and gold leather collar and leash ​from Etsy, ​​that she’s had since she was a puppy. 

It can feel very wasteful to go through the wedding planning stage. There are so many shiny objects you think you need but borrowing, renting and using what you have can go a long way and also feel like the truest representation of you! ​As always I am here to help you navigate this journey. 

​In the comments below, let me know a way you plan to bring sustainability into your next photo shoot. 

P.S. Check out more of our engagement photos here.

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