3 Ways to Lower Toxins at Home

When you think of toxins you might image smoke stacks or smog in a busy city. Restrictions concerning pollution are put in place where you live but what about the levels of toxins in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the typical American spends about 90% of his or her time indoors and levels of indoor air pollutants may be the maximum amount as 100 times greater than levels outdoors. Not impressive I know, here are 3 ways you can reduce the toxins in your home.

  1. Have a no shoe policy. Preferably keeping all the shoes closest to an entrance or mud room. This will help your home stay clean but also decrease your chances of pesticides and chemicals from entering your home. This is especially important if you have children or pets playing on the ground. Remember carpets trap these toxins in, better to leave them at the door.
  2. Open your windows. As mentioned, the air outside is cleaner than what is inside. Having that fresh cross breeze will significantly minimize toxins in the home. Do a little experiment, take note of how you feel in the Winter with the heat going for weeks or in the Summer when the air conditioner is on. Are you sleeping differently? How’s your congestion? Our bodies don’t have to work as hard to fight off pollutants when we have access to fresh air.
  3. Remove synthetic fragrance. In our home we have beeswax candles, things made of plants or we use a diffuser with reputable essential oils. Synthetic fragrances are not regulated and wreak havoc on our immune systems trigger asthma, and migraines. Many times candles and plugins are used to cover up smells. Its always best to address the issue with fresh air and a non toxic cleaner. If you enjoy candles for ambiance, light a beeswax candle or run an essential oil defuser for the mood you are trying to emulate.

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