Collard Wraps

In honor of Summer officially arriving, La Cucina is whipping up a spin on lettuce wraps. Swapping collard greens for lettuce because they have a great crunch and texture.

Ingredients and approximate amounts are highlighted throughout the recipe. We recommend using organic and local ingredients. 

Serves 2-3.

  1. Clean, dry and remove base stem of 6-8 collard green leaves.
  2. Layer a piece of grilled chicken or quality turkey deli meat in one collard leaf. 
  3. Add your favorite spread. We love hummus, pesto or guacamole.  
  4. Layer a slice of raw cheese
  5. Top with thinly sliced peppers and tomato. Roll collard greens and stick with a toothpick to secure. 
  6. Optional top with raw carrot ribbons.

E  ora di mangiare 

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