Picking Produce

At La Cucina Di Silvana fruits and vegetables are the largest part of our meals. Let’s talk about how to choose the best produce for you and your family. The further your produce travels the more toxins it is exposed to. Unfortunately, organic and conventional fruits and vegetable are transported in packaging gases to the grocery store. These gases prevent oxidization and spoilage. Of course, growing your own organic garden is the freshest most sustainable way to get fresh fruits and vegetables on your table.¬†For those that either don’t have an area to garden or don’t have a green thumb there are options.

Go to the farmers market: Some locations setup year round and others are seasonal. Farmers markets are a great way to meet your local farmers and try their goods. To find local farmers markets near you click here.

Join your local CSA: Supporting a local farm and signing up for their food share offers savings and regular produce to your home. Usually you can’t select your items but it keeps you creative and trying new foods/recipes. To find your local CSA options click here.

Have it shipped: Sometimes there is nothing close by or you live in an area where produce is not available year round. In those cases, its best to go organic and have it delivered. Living in New England Misfits Market has been a great option. It’s convenient and affordable to receive $20 off your first order click here.

Una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno (an apple a day keeps the doctor away).

In the comments below let us know, where you enjoy getting your produce from?

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