More Than A Horoscope

Reading your horoscope can give you aha moments but there is more than a horoscope to you. When you are born, the sky paints a more detailed picture. Learning more about that snapshot, allows you to better understand yourself and how you operate. Below are three aspects of your birth chart to better understand yourself.

Sun Sign: This is your essence and how you move through the world on a day-to-day basis. This is what most think of when they hear astrology.

Moon Sign: This is how you process and show emotions, your souls essence. The moon goes through the whole zodiac in 29.5 days. Where it lands, is a big part of your unique state.

Rising/Ascendant Sign: This is the armor you wear in the world and your social presence.

To find out your specific signs input your information here. To receive the most accurate results have your time of birth and city available to input with your other basic credentials. To learn sun, moon and rising signs of the Modern Saint Living team check it out here.

Let us know below, did you learn something about yourself by discovering your sun, moon and rising sign?

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