When Everyday Is Earth Day

Every choice we make is bringing us closer or further to the world we want to live in and leave behind. Planning an annual activity that benefits the earth is always a great idea. Such as our Annual Textile Recycling event (read our favorite tips here).

When it comes to honoring Mother Earth daily, it is all about being prepared. You maybe eating out, stopping for a midday beverage, or heading to the grocery.

Since I frequently do these things I keep an eco friendly supply kit handy. It includes a stainless steel straw, reusable mug, glass/stainless steel leftover container, bamboo cutlery set, and lots of reusable shopping bags.

I like to keep these items in my car. When I use them, I always leave them by my keys once they are cleaned so I can replenish the car.

If you do not drive, designate a backpack or bag for the same purpose. I love surprise stops along my day, so having my supplies on hand keeps the guilt of using single use plastic at bay.

Tell me in the comments below, what are your favorite ways to honor the Earth?

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