Healthy Laundry Habits

Yes washing on cold is a great place to start to lower energy costs. But how about a routine that helps the environment and minimizes the the toxic load that enters your home.

Wash: When it comes to soap, choose a plastic free option that is much lighter in weight such as Tru Earth laundry strips. Check your tags and wash synthetics in a microfiber pollution washing bag such as Guppyfriend. This helps to reduce the plastic pollution that enters our waterways. As well as, protects the garments in the bag, giving them a longer lifespan.

Dry: Using a clothes line or wooden drying rack is always best. When you do need to use your dryer, accompany your clothes with a wool dryer ball. This helps absorb moisture and allow for a more even dry. You can even apply lavender essential oil to your dryer ball to give a natural fresh scent to your clean clothes.

Preserve: Be mindful of how often you wash. Always hang up something that was not worn long or is not soiled. Our very own Textile Tonic helps refresh and kill bacteria on fabrics to prevent over washing. Keeping your clothing looking newer longer and it is made with organic ingredients.

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