How to Travel Sustainably

It’s that time of year, so I wanted to share with you how to remain sustainable even on vacation.

  1. Eat, drink, shop & stay small. Stay in a short term rental or a family owned hotel when possible. Even when traveling we can support the local economy. I find they offer the most unique and memorable expeirences as well!
  2. Don’t buy a bunch of clothes just for one trip. Before you buy ask yourself, “would I wear this past this trip?” if it’s variety you’re looking for, rental and borrowing are great options.
  3. Bring your reusables. Just as you would pack your lunch pack your reusable silverware when on the go, bring your tumbler and water bottle. Don’t fall into the trap of using all disposables just because you’re not home, simply plan ahead.

Share below how you like to stay sustainable when you travel.

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