A Sustainable Micro Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of standing with my Mom and her partner as they were married by my brother in an intimate garden ceremony. Today I want to walk you through four tips to make a micro wedding sustainable, memorable and personalized.

  1. Let nature do the decorating. May in New England is just everything, the flowers are in full bloom and everything is green. Nature supplied all the beautiful scenery at Elizabeth Park. So depending on where you are planing your intimate ceremony you have your pick of public and private places to set the backdrop. What you can’t see in the photographs is that there were hundred of people around but as soon as we selected a rose arch and other park goers saw a wedding was starting, everyone cleared the area and gave the ceremony the space to create a memorable exchange of vows.
  2. Hire a photographer. Nowadays we all have a camera at our fingertips but nobody can capture a memory better than a professional in my opinion. You may get some great shots here and there from guests but it’s risky. Our photographer did an amazing job at capturing the portraits, ceremony and other details that most attendees just don’t see. We hired Lindsey Mabel Photography for an hour and found her work on a local wedding Facebook group. There, you can find vendors of all experience levels. We checked out her portfolio and fell in love. This doubled as our wedding gift to Mom and Joe as well.
  3. DIY a bouquet. Believe it or not that day I made my first wedding bouquet. We went to a local grocery selected two varieties of flowers and I cut the stems, wire wrapped and hot glued a gray silk ribbon over the wiring and voila.
  4. The attire was multifunctional. The dress was from Etsy a detachable cape on a double breasted trench dress for a new look at dinner. Joe’s suit was custom from a local mens shop and he will be wearing the same suit (switching the bowtie for a tie) for my wedding.

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