Sustainable Bridal Shower

On May 14th my Mom hosted my bridal shower at Cassidy Hill Vineyard. There were so many beautiful touches to mention so today I am sharing three swaps that made for a sustainable bridal shower and how these swaps did not sacrifice esthetic in the slightest. One of the pillars of the shower was plastic free. The venue that was chosen included the tables, chairs, white tablecloths, wine glasses and wine. Everything else was brought in. The venue is beautiful with a rustic esthetic so less is more when it came to decor.

  1. Live favors that doubled as centerpieces. Organic flowers were grown on Sweet Acre Farm. Secondhand vases were sourced from A Weather Eye, all different styled vases were sourced so guests can choose their favorite ascetic. Once guests walked in to the venue they chose a vase, added flowers to it from the flower wall (rented from Roots + Growth) and put it on their table which added spring time colors to the decor. They took these home as there favors for attending the shower.
  2. Framed centerpieces with old pictures. My Godmother put together old 4×6 photos of me from 1-19 years old. The frames were locally used and purchased from Facebook marketplace. She’s a creative woman and made circle table numbers to attach to the frames that complimented the floral welcome sign. All paper was recycled and printed on Card stock (not foam board). This added a touch of nostalgia and was a great way to use what we already had.
  3. Compostable dinnerware. All the plates, cutlery, and cups were 100% biodegradable. All the remaining food scraps was composted, with 60 guests enjoying a meal together this was essential to having a sustainable bridal shower.

What sustainable bridal shower tips do you have? Share your favorites in the comments below. Want to see photos of the event? Check them out on IG here.

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