Winter Solstice it’s Time to Rest & Renew

Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. For so many Winter is not a fan favorite but there is real medicine in this time of year. From living an intentional and seasonal life, I have found there to be a few things that really assist in embracing the cold months.

  1. Light Candles: This brings the light inside. As you may know by now we only burn beeswax candles because they come from nature, burn longer and pull toxins from the air. We currently have two styles in stock. Check them out here.
  2. Decorate your space: maybe you are already decorated for the holidays but it is a beautiful practice to elevate your energy by shifting and placing items that will assist in supporting you in the season. It can be as simple as bringing evergreens inside or setting up a herbal tea station so you have easy access to a warming mug of magic.
  3. Go deeper: Looking for more support around the season? Michelle Davis Wellness & MSL have partnered up to offer a seasonal workshop called Rest & Renew. We put together a nourishing recording with relaxing yoga practices and lots of tips for the Winter months, to help embrace the season. The kit (image above) helps to stimulate all the senses as our bodies are calling us to slow down and reflect. Learn all the details here. Please note we only have a few kits remaining and the recording will expire on March 19th (the last day of Winter). Now is the perfect time to treat yourself and/or a loved one to celebrate the season. Blessings this Winter Solstice!

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