Stepping Out In Sustainable Style

As we step out of our bubbles to get back to more socialization, our wardrobe may feel out of wack for more reasons than one. This realization doesn’t have to be overwhelming, here are 3 tips to help reframe your wardrobe with out compromising sustainability.

  1. Experience a style evolution? Since March 2020 your preferences may have changed. When you head to your closet you just feel like you’ve evolved and want to experiment with your look. A great way to make this fun is by renting your clothing. You can experiment with different styles and colors and don’t need to make permanent room for anything.
  2. Lifestyle needs. Has quarantine brought permanent changes to your life? Working for home indefinitely, homeschooling etc. This means it’s time to remove and add to your wardrobe. If you feel lost here our Seasonal Lifestyle Calculator is for you. I can assist you in rebalancing your wardrobe so you feel supported in these changes.
  3. Physical shift. So many of us have experienced body shifts during this time. Take any clothes that make you feel any kind of negative way and put them at the back of the closet or pack them up and put them in storage. When you walk over to your wardrobe, you should only be greeted with items that make you feel stylish, comfortable and supported. For the in between, again renting might be a welcomed reprieve.

Resources: I have been loving Nuuly. You get 6 items and can keep them for a month and buy what you fall in love with. For $20 off your first month click here. Another great option is Rent the Runway.

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