Tips For Textile Recycling

Six years ago we started our annual textile recycling drive with our partner Green Tree Textiles. To date we have collected 7571 LBS of unwanted textiles from entering landfills.

Here is why we started this initiative…

  • The average American discards about 68 lbs of clothing and textiles each year.
  • Most communities in the USA do NOT have textile recycling programs.
  • In 2010 textile waste created 13.5 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW).
  • 85% of textile waste to end up in landfills.
  • In 2010 only 2 million tons of textiles were recovered: this is only 15% of the total
  • That means 11.5 million tons of  textiles landed in American landfills! In one year that is 126 million cubic yards of landfill that decomposes and releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.

To get the most out of your donation process we recommend these 4 tips.

  1. Know what can be recycled. These items include: clothing, footwear, belts, ties, purses, pillows, bedding, table linens, drapes, towels, and stuffed animals. Items can be in the following condition: moth-eaten, faded, torn, stained, as long as they are laundered and dry. We can not recycle carpets, rugs, oil rags, or mildewed items.
  2. Keep a bin near your wash machine. When you notice holes in your items that can’t be repaired, mismatched socks etc. Launder them and put them in the bin, I keep one by the washing machine year round. Once the drive comes around I have a pile all set for donation.
  3. The way you wash, can be affecting your health. Launder better with our tips for Healthy Laundry Habits.
  4. Make sure you vet your donation source thoroughly. Where do your donations end up? Does any end up in landfill or shipped overseas? If there is hesitancy with transparency, find another recycling company.

To learn more about our upcoming Annual Textile Recycling Drive visit our events page.

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