Sometimes logic is not the answer. When that is the case I turn to signs. You will notice this tool is so helpful as signs are all around us. Providing comfort, confirmation & contemplation. 

Questioning: if you are pondering something in your life. A great way to connect to spirit is to ask for a sign and get specific. For example, if I should explore a new job opportunity, send me a fox. Get specific and then get present. If you are stuck between two decisions you can ask for a sign of something for one option and another for another option.

Read between the lines:  In the example of the fox, your sign can arrive in many ways.  As a stuffed animal, a song or an actual fox crossing your path on the road. The key is to stay present and open. This allows your whole system to relax and open to receive possibilities. This is a great tool to use, as you explore adding more spirit into your daily life.

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