Starting on Your Sustainable Fashion Journey

Learn:  My favorite place to send those who are new to the world of sustainable fashion is to watch True Cost. This documentary illustrates the supply chain, environmental impacts and economic impacts. 

Investigate: Take a look at your clothing. Begin reading labels and deciphering between natural and synthetic fibers. What differences do you see between the two? How long do you keep your clothes on average? Where are your clothes made? Looking through your own wardrobe can really help to illustrate how we’ve all fallen victim to fast fashion. 

Explore: Pick a category of your wardrobe to explore sustainable options. For example, sweaters. A category that commonly is purchased every year as synthetic threads options break down and get pilly after only a couple washes.  Look for natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and cotton. Search places like Etsy or at second hand shops and read details on fabric content. Slowly looking at certain areas of your wardrobe will help to build confidence in your journey. 

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