3 Ways to Detox the Bedroom

We spend a third of our lives in bed. This is when our body does all its heavy lifting- detoxing, repairing and recharging our bodies. 

Our bedding touches our skin as we sleep. To help your body recover with ease surround yourself with natural textile sheets. 100% organic cotton, linen or silk. Blankets should also be made of natural materials. 

Pajamas, you don’t need spandex to sleep. Just like sheets they rub right up against us as we slumber. Invest in 100% natural fiber sleepwear. Our skin is our largest organ The skin protects us from microbes and the elements. As we sleep our temperature fluctuates when we sleep in natural fibers our skin breaths and detoxes through sweat. Our toxins can be trapped in synthetic fabrics as they don’t allow proper aeration. 

Your pillows should be wool or a natural latex (watch for greenwashing here). Synthetic fibers are what fill most conventional pillows. Causing irritants and residual particles we breath in as we sleep. 

My favorite place to consciously consume these products is Etsy. Here are three shops I love that are in alignment ethically and sustainably.

Hemp Organic Life

Home of Wool

Linen Walas

Photo Credit: Sarah Brown

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