Our Story

The story of Modern Saint Living

MSL was born from a culmination of signs and ah-ha moments. 

Spiritually I was raised Catholic and though I didn’t resonate with all the teachings, learning about the Saints was very influential. 

I went to college to study Fashion Merchandising. I loved the art form but always felt something was missing. 

 I had a true realization when one day our professor played a documentary where workers were dunking white Nike shoes into kiddie pools barefoot. These people had no protection from the chemical soup they were standing in and their skin was bleached from the knee down. I left class that day shocked and ready to dive into the conscious side of consumerism.

Since that day I’ve worked in womenswear, menswear, product development, and retail. All along the way I helped clients one on one discover their unique style and how to dress for their shape. Layering this with ethics and educating them on the importance of voting with our dollars. 

At MSL we believe that we should leave the earth better than when we arrived. It is our home and taking caring of this planet means taking care of our loved ones and our community.

Today we combine sustainable fashion services, ethical products, mindful living, and seasonal cooking to enhance our quality of life. Thanks for being a part of the journey!

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